About Us

Flytronic S.A. is a leading Polish center that designs and manufactures specialized unmanned aerial systems. The industrial research and development works in the field of electronics, IT and aviation mechanics carried out in the company are characterized by innovation on a global scale. Acting on the basis of professional experience and the passion of outstanding specialists, the company has created unique conditions for the development of its staff, ensuring the possibility of implementing innovative projects.

Our Job

We give our clients the opportunity to use the services of drones and professional equipment without the need to incur high purchase costs. Thanks to us, you do not have to bear the costs of maintaining an extensive fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors and qualified personnel:

  • pilots,
  • technicians,
  • analysts.

Put your task in our hands and enjoy the final report with valuable information. We treat each entrusted task individually and thanks to our R&D capabilities, we are able to select or adapt technologies so that it is made to measure. We are ready for long-term works, carried out at certain intervals (monitoring infrastructure, checking the air condition ..) and for quick interventions.

The Flytronic company is a Research and Development Center in the field of unmanned aviation.


In the WB Group, the company is a research and development center in the area of observation and reconnaissance systems based on unmanned aerial platforms. Thanks to the experienced engineering staff and a creative team of programmers, the company has unique competences in the following areas:

  • Design and production of unmanned aerial platforms.
  • Design and programming of flight control and steering systems.
  • Design and programming of data transmission systems.
  • Design and production of observation heads.

Our History

Flytronic S.A. was founded on February 1, 2008 by two engineers from the Silesian University of Technology - Wojciech Szumiński and Grzegorz Krupa. A year later, they were joined by the outstanding electronics engineer Piotr Postawka. From the very beginning, the main activity of the company was conducting research and development in the field of mechanics, electronics and IT for applications in the aviation sector. The company's team consists of high-class specialists in such fields as management, IT, electronics and aviation. The company also closely cooperates with numerous scientific institutions.

Since December 2009, the majority shareholder of the company is WB Electronics S.A. and from this moment the history of Flytronic as the technology center of the WB Group's unmanned systems begins. Joining the WB Group initiated the dynamic development of the company, thanks to which Flytronic acquired and successfully carried out research and development works for the needs of aviation, including development of a prototype of the unmanned vehicle locating system with software, or development of a three-axis magnetometer project. The development of the company within the WB Group has made Fflytronic currently the only Polish center with the competence to conduct research work for unmanned systems in the field of avionics, broadband communication systems, programming related to e.g. creating simulation software for aviation purposes and aimed at creating new unmanned platforms.

In January 2012, Fflytronic was awarded the Lion of Gliwice Award, awarded annually by the President of the City of Gliwice.